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Sanya cruises to Philippines on popular demand, starts Dec. 22

Updated: 2019-03-22 14:27:27



The international luxury cruise ship, Chinese Taishan, will make its maiden voyage from from Sanya to Philippines on December 22nd, 2017, according to a press conference held in Phoenix Island on December 7th, 2017.




The first trip of “Chinese Taishan” cruise ship will last for 6 days. The vessel will have around 960 passengers on board.


The ship will sail to destinations of Manila and Boracay popular amongst travellers in the region.


Starting from December 22nd, this will provide consumers with greater holiday choices, as tourists who wish to go to Philippines are able to take cruise from the Phoenix Island International Cruise Terminal.


Sanya is always one of the the most popular destinations for the “migrant elderly people” flying to Sanya from different parts of the country for the winter. The launch of the cruise route will help satisfy their desires for cruise travel and attract them to feature the cruise tour in their itineraries.


Produced by Shandong Bohai Ferry Co in Yantai, the cruise ship Chinese Taishan includes restaurants, tea houses, physiotherapy rooms and outdoor swimming pools. It also provides customized services such as wedding photography.


Cruise tourism has been one of the soaring demands for China’s leisure industry. As an international tourist city, Sanya has exceptional resources to develop the cruise tourism industry. Cruise tourism has gradually become a major feature and new growth engine of Sanya tourism.