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Sanya tourism promoted at an event in Almaty, Kazakhstan

Updated: 2018-04-23 13:21:25

A tourism promotional event organized by the Sanya Tourism Development Commission was held at Almaty, Kazakhstan, on April 17th, 2018.


The event highlighted Sanya’s strong portfolio of tourism offerings, including countryside tours, wedding and honeymoon tours, traditional Chinese medicine therapy tours, and other in-depth cultural tours. Local attendees learned about a number of traditional cultures unique to Sanya, including Li and Miao ethnic culture, Buddhist culture, and Dan fishing culture.


Around 150 representatives from local travel agencies, airline companies, and media were present at the event.


“These tailor-made in-depth cultural tourist products will allow the Kazakhstan tourists to better get to know the Chinese culture. It is very suitable for family visitors during the summer holidays.” The event has drawn the attention of and received rave reviews from the Almaty tour operators.


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A variety of tourism promotions are ongoing at Kazakhstan International Tourism Fair 2018 in Almaty. The initiative targets the Kazakhstan market with the aim of attracting more leisure travel arrivals to Sanya.


“These tailor-made, in-depth cultural tourism products will allow Kazakhstan tourists to better get to know Chinese culture. Sanya is a great place for families to visit during the summer holidays,” said a Almaty tour operator delegate.


The event drew a great deal of media attention and received rave reviews from Almaty tour operators.


Mr. Bekmagambetov, the Vice Minister of Tourism and Foreign Affairs at the Almaty Tourism Bureau, said that the launch of the Kazakhstan-Sanya direct air route has made travel between the two regions more convenient. Sanya’s rich tropical coastal tourism resources and its safe tourism environment, which are vital to a nice vacation, help Sanya attract numerous travelers from Almaty every year.


China recently unveiled plans to develop Hainan into an international free trade zone. The Sanya delegation also invited tour operators from Kazakhstan to invest and develop in Hainan and Sanya.