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Sanya uses AI to help creating a friendly int’l tourism city

Updated: 2018-05-23 12:38:24

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53 AI (Artificial Intelligence)-based translation devices will be put into use in Sanya as part of the citys effort to develop into an international seaside boutique tourist resort. The AI translators will help staff members solve language barriers and provide better experiences for international visitors to the city.


On May 22nd, 2018, Hainan TwoMonkey Science and Technology Co., Ltd. signed a contract with local tourism-related enterprises to promote the use of the AI translation devices.


Based on the newest AI voice translation technology from Microsoft, Google, and iFlyTek, the DOSMONO translator can quickly and accurately implement real-time simultaneous interpretation between 34 languages including Chinese, English, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, Arabic, French, German, Korean, Indonesian, and more.


Sanya has seen an increase in the number of international tourists since Hainan adopted a wider visa-free policy from May 1st, 2018. In recent years, the Sanya government has invested in updates and construction to bring the city to the forefront of places offering quality tourist experiences. The local tourism authorities have also encouraged staff at all levels to improve their English, and explore the use of new technologies and artificial intelligence to better service international tourists and help shape the reputation of a Friendly Sanyaon the international stage.