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Sanya's ancient centre restores Wenming Gate to its old glory

Updated: 2017-10-19 13:53:43


The comprehensive renovation of Wenming Gate, an ancient building in Sanya’s Yazhou Old Town, was recently completed.




As described in historical records, Yazhou Ancient City was built in the Song Dynasty and developed into a stronghold city with adobe walls after expansion from the Yuan, Ming, and Qing Dynasties.


This gate serves as the southern access point to Yacheng old town. Construction began during the Song Dynasty. The ramparts were constructed from compacted earth and then later rebuilt as a brick gate and wall in 1198. Then in 1436 the gate was expanded to include military installations. In 1843, during the Qing Dynasty, the gate was given its name, Wenming Gate. In 2009, Wenming Gate was added to the provincial protection list for its historical and cultural value in Sanya.


The ancient gate is 153 meters long and 24.8 meters wide. The old adobe walls have been covered with brick stones. Parts of the wall’s exterior are currently being renovated.


Today, visitors to Wenming Gate can view the remains of its buildings and cultural relics and learn more about life during the early age when the town flourished.