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Sour Fish Soup, a signature dish from Sanya's Hui ethnic minority

Updated: 2017-08-01 14:29:21

The food in Sanya reflects the abundance of seafood in the surrounding waters as well as the rich sources of natural ingredients growing in the lush farmlands and jungles of the interior.


Most visitors to Sanya are more familiar with Wenchang Chicken, a signature Hainan dish. Many tourists are unaware of another dish, Sour Fish Soup, a specialty dish that is very popular among the Hui ethnic communities in the city.


fish soup1


Sour fish soup, a signature dish of Sanya cuisine, features the truly definitive local flavors of food cooked by the Hui People.


In Sanya, there is a large Muslim population centered around the Huihui Village and Huixin Village of the Fenghuang Area, close to the Sanya Phoenix International Airport, with a population of about 8,300 people.


fish soup2

fish soup6

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The dish is usually cooked with fresh fish caught from the sea nearby, and enhanced with the leaves and fruit of Sanya’s tamarind trees, as well as sour star fruit, along with tomatoes, white turnips, and other vegetables. It’s simply fish soup with veggies but with an extra tangy, sour bite!

 fish soup7 fish soup4

In the Huixin and Huihui villages, there are many restaurants serving the sour fish soup on their menu. It’s a must-try dish for visitors to Sanya and sure to keep foodies coming back for a second serving.