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Wuzhizhou Island's "The Eye of Ocean" debuts at Sanya airport

Updated: 2019-11-23 14:47:44

Wuzhizhou Island’s “The Eye of Ocean” is a recent addition to the Sanya Phoenix International Airport and is a marine cultural development aimed at providing visitors a vivid tropical marine immersive experience and enhancing the image of Sanya as an international tropical coastal tourist city.


1(1) “The Eye of Ocean” aquarium is located in the middle of T1 Terminal of Sanya airport.


“The Eye of Ocean” aquarium is located in the middle of T1 Terminal of Sanya airport. The project features Sanya’s tropical marine culture and popular diving sport on Wuzhizhou Island while taking into account marine environmental protection.


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“The Eye of Ocean” aquarium draws tourists at Sanya airport.


The project is part of airport’s latest tropical marine-themed renovations, aiming to deliver a experience that exemplifies the warm hospitality for which Sanya is known. The head of Wuzhizhou island said that “The Eye of Ocean” aquarium is the first phase of the renovation. Upon its completion, it will present tourists with a high-tech immersive ocean experience space, which not only shows the rich underwater resources of Wuzhizhou Island, but also promotes a healthy, environmental-friendly and sports lifestyle.


In addition, construction on a “Culture Corridor” renovation project in the air corridor linking the airport to Phoenix Airport Railway Station is underway. The project is set to be completed by the end of 2019. The micro landscape of Wuzhizhou island will be displayed at the “Cultural Corridor,” allowing passengers to experience the unique charms of the tropical island and fall in love with Wuzhizhou Island.