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Find a Travel Specialist

Here is a list of qualified travel agencies in Sanya that can arrange tours to the attractions around Sanya and the surrounding counties.
1. China Travel International Ltd港中旅三亚旅行社有限公司     
Tel: +86 898 38230292
Add: Room 1105, Tianji Building, Yingbin Road, Sanya/三亚市迎宾路119号天际大厦1105室

Find Flights

Sanya Phoenix International Airport is located 11km northwest of Sanya City, only 20 minutes’ drive from the downtown area, around 40 minutes from Yalong Bay (亚龙湾) and about 60 minutes from Haitang Bay (海棠湾).
Currently, Sanya’s Phoenix International Airport has direct flights to all the maj..


Sanya’s hotels and resorts not only pamper you like royalty, but also help you enjoy your time in the wonderful tropical city to its fullest. Most of Sanya’s hotels are resort hotels for holiday-vacationing with their own unique draws and attractions.
There are nearly 300 star-rated hotels ..

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tours One Day Tours in Sanya
The resort city of Sanya is located on the southern tip of Hainan Island. The transport network and communication infrastructures in Sanya are among the best in the world, making travelling around the city and its surrounding areas, and indeed the wider Hainan region, quic..