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Getting Around Sanya

Updated: 2017-07-31 19:06:19

Public & Private Transport – Getting Around in Sanya


An extensive public transportation network and large number of taxis make Sanya an easy city to get around.

Public Buses

Sanya has an extensive public bus network serving both the city centre and the surrounding areas.


Passengers should pay the bus fare when boarding. Usually the exact fare should be put into the slot box beside the driver. Fares vary according to distance travelled, with most journeys within the city centre just ¥2.


The fare breakdown is usually posted inside the bus on the wall just behind the driver, and in addition some buses have a conductor who can assist with fare queries.


Passengers should board at the front and alight from the rear doors.


Some drivers will only stop when they’re aware that there are passengers who want to get off, and often the driver or conductor will ask if anyone wants to get off when the bus is approaching the next stop. If you do want to get off simply shout ‘Xiache – 下车’ to the driver or conductor.


Bus stops in the town centre have signage showing which buses stop there, and their respective routes.


In addition each bus has its number and destination marked on the front and the various places it stops at marked on its side next to the door.


As signage is almost exclusively in Chinese characters it is advisable to make a note of the characters for the places you want to go to in advance.


Two bus routes of particular note for visitors are the Number 8 and Number 27 which serve the airport and Yalong Bay (亚龙湾) respectively.


In addition, the Number 25 and 16 buses run regularly between Nanshan Temple and Yalong Bay, with routes passing through downtown Sanya and Dadonghai.


Taxis in Sanya




Many taxi companies serve Sanya and the surrounding areas and passengers can easily find them on the streets.


The taxi fare in Sanya is RMB 11 for the first 2.5 km and RMB 2.4 per km thereafter.


Passengers in Sanya can easily book taxis by calling the service hotline “96789”. Their information will be sent to nearby taxi drivers who can then secure the order.


Long-Distance Bus


long-distance bus


Buses from Sanya to other towns and cities in Hainan, as well as some cities in the Mainland depart from the main Bus Station in Jiefang Road, nearby Bu Xing Jie / Walking Street.


Tickets should be bought before boarding in the ticket hall by the main street entrance.


In addition there are daily bus services to Sanya from major cities in the mainland such as Nanning, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Xiamen.


Sanya Bus Station:

Tel: +86 898 88272440

Address: Commercial Walking Street, Jiefang Road, Sanya 三亚市解放路步行街旁

Transport: Take Bus Route 1,2,5,7,8,10 or 12 and get off at Sanya Bus Station Stop


Car Rental




A number of companies provide car hire services in Sanya.


Hainan has some spectacular scenery that is often best explored with a private vehicle. Remote beaches and mountain roads become easily accessible with a hire car.

To hire a car you will require the following documentation, a passport, a valid Chinese driving license and a credit card.


Please note that driving licenses from other countries including international driving licenses are not valid in China – a foreign driving license must be converted into a Chinese license.


Rental fees for a small sedan car are currently around ¥180 a day (excluding fuel and road toll fees). You can rental a car through a car rental company or the hotel you are staying in.


Here is a list of car rental services in Sanya: 


1. Zhizun Vehicle Rental Co. Ltd (Airport) 至尊租车三亚机场店
Tel: +86 898 38861238
Address: Exit of the domestic arrivals hall, Phoenix International Airport 三亚市凤凰机场国内出发大厅1号门


2. Zhizun Vehicle Rental Co. Ltd (Sanya) 至尊租车大东海店
Tel: +86 898 38861238
Address: 21 Yuhai Commercial Street, Yuya Avenue, Dadonghai, Sanya 三亚市榆亚大道大东海榆海路21号


3. OBAH Car Rental Service 欧巴艾赫汽车旅游租赁有限公司
Tel: +86 898 88665229
Address: 1st Floor, Zhonghua Cheng, Xin Feng Street, Sanya 三亚市新风街中华城一楼


4. Sanya On My Way Mingtai Vehicle Sales & Leasing Co. Ltd 任我行铭泰汽车租赁
Tel: +86 898 88362181
Address: 2nd Floor, Block B, Chuangye Mansion, Xinfeng Road, Sanya 三亚市新风路创业大厦B座2楼


5. Hainan Sanya Jiapeng Free Flying Vehicle Rental Co. Ltd. 海南三亚嘉鹏自由翔汽车租赁有限公司
Tel: +86 898 88265133
Address: 22 Jixiang Street, Sanya 三亚市吉祥街22号


6. Sanya Jinxiang Vehicle Rental Co. Ltd. 三亚锦祥汽车租赁公司
Tel: +86 898 38257766
Address: 3 Yuechuan Xi Road, Yingbin Road, Sanya 三亚市迎宾路月川西路3号


Electric car rental services 




These e-cars are operated by Hainan Quanyu Tourism Investment Co., Ltd. Currently, there are two types of electric cars to choose from: a car with two seats and a car with five seats.


As for charging facilities, staff members said that charging can be accomplished on a regular power supply; it takes about six to eight hours to fully charge a car. The maximum speed for the e-cars is 90 km per hour.


Currently, there are 200 electric cars available for use and 20 service charging stations at scenic spots including Dongtian Park, Sanya Bay, Dadonghai, Yalong Bay, and Haitang Bay as well as at some hotels.


The company has purchased vehicle insurance for all e-cars. All the vehicles are installed with a GPS system that helps guide drivers to the nearest service stations for charging. Drivers can also pick up and drop off the e-cars at different stations.

Residents can call 0898-3820 7777 to make reservations and sign up for the rental service with copies of your Chinese driver’s license and passport. The monthly rental price for the two-seat car and five-seat car is RMB RMB 500 and RMB 1000, respectively. The rental deposit is RMB 10,000.


For more information, please contact
Hainan Quanyu Tourism Investment Co., Ltd.海南全域旅游投资有限公司
Tel: +86-898-3820 7777
Address: 3/F, 13, Jin Hai Building & Construction Materials Market, Baopo Road, Lizhigou, Jiyang District, Sanya三亚市吉阳区荔枝沟抱坡路津海建材市场一区一排13号三楼
How to get there: Take Bus Route 2 and get off at the Jin Hai Building & Construction Materials Market (津海建材市场) Bus Stop


Online APP electric car sharing services - Xiao Er Zu Che 小二租车




An online APP electric car sharing services, called Xiao Er Zu Che (小二租车), allows users to search for available cars in the area,and unlock their selected car with their smartphone. When drivers are done with the car, theycan return the car to any approved parking location in the city.


How to register to rent the cars?


Download Xiao Er Zu Che APP (小二租车) and complete real name authentication


* Real-name authentication: You’ll need to upload a picture of your Chinese driver’s license for authentication.


Once you complete real-name authentication, the app will show you available cars nearby and guide you to your chosen vehicle.


After finding your selected car, use the app to unlock it. To end your trip and return the car, you can just park the car at any approved parking space in the city. It is free!


Types of cars

KANDI, JAC, and BAIC are among the three types of electric vehicles used by the car-sharing services.



Deposit: RMB 500

Users have to pay a deposit of RMB 500 before renting. The amount will be fully refunded as long as users can’t damage the car and don’t commit any traffic violations while using the car.

1. Four-seat cars:

RMB 0.1 RMB (starting fee) plus RMB 0.2 per minute plus RMB 0.4 per km

2. Five-seat cars:

RMB 0.1 RMB (starting fee) plus RMB 0.25 per minute plus RMB 0.4 per km

Currently, there are 317 electric cars available for use and 58 service charging stations at scenic spots, universities, and select hotels.

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